Michelin produces some of the best, most durable tyres in the world for a wide range of uses. Looking for authentic, high-quality Michelin tyres in Albury? Just come to Border Bandag Tyre Services and you will find the right Michelin tyre for your vehicle.

About the Michelin brand

Michelin is a brand synonymous with performance and durability. The motto of the brand is “Performance made to last”, which shows how they prioritise the performance of the tyres and the level of safety in every ride. Each tyre is tested rigorously to guarantee a smooth and safe ride, from the first kilometre to the last.

Our Range of Michelin Tyres

Michelin manufactures tyres for all kinds of vehicles. Here are the most common types of Michelin tyres in Albury that we sell:

Motorbikes and Scooters 

Michelin makes tyres both for regular driving and adventure riding. Its range for two-wheelers includes the City Grip, Road, Anakee, Scorcher, Power, Starcross, Enduro, Commander, and Tracker. Whether you are a recreational rider or a professional, you will find the right tyre for your bike from this range. 


Cars, SUVs and Vans 

Michelin boasts one of the widest ranges of tyres for a variety of car types. You will find tyres for personal-use cars, SUVs, crossovers, sports cars, and light and heavy trucks. The entire range of tyres for four-wheelers consists of Latitude, LTX, Primacy – Premium, Pilot, Energy, Agilis, and Diamaris. 


Other Product Lines 

Other than cars, trucks, and all types of bikes, Michelin is also known for making tyres for a variety of other types of vehicles. These include bicycles, vintage cars, motorsport cars, trailers, aircraft, tractors and other agricultural vehicles, mining, and construction vehicles, as well as its very own Tweel design tyres. 


Maximum Longevity and Excellent Performance 

Michelin guarantees performance and durability for every tyre it sells. There is a guarantee on all its tyres which allows you to use them to their fullest capacity without any worry or fear. Every tyre you buy has been manufactured after years of research and testing to provide maximum longevity and full satisfaction. In fact, even brands like Ferrari, Mercedes, and Porsche trust Michelin for their best cars. 

How to Maintain Your Michelin Tyres

Like any product, the performance and security of a tyre depend on its current condition. The best way to ensure both is to regularly check and maintain your tyres. There are several elements you must check for, like tread depth and general condition, tyre pressure, wheel alignment and balance, and tracking. Additionally, you need to check if there are any serious slashes, holes, or other damages. You must also rotate your tyres regularly. An inspection once a month is mandatory as is checking them thoroughly before a long journey. 

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