Fuel Efficient Tyres

Introducing Ecopia fuel saving tyres

Is it possible to reduce your fuel consumption simply by changing your tyres? With Ecopia it is.

Using our global research capabilities and cutting edge technology, we have created a lower rolling resistance tyre – without compromising on the quality and safety that Bridgestone is renowned for. Less fuel required to roll the tyre also means less CO2 emissions.

This makes Ecopia the smarter choice for everyone.

Save up to 4.2% of your fuel costs with Bridgestone Ecopia. Independent testing to the ADR 81/02 test standard demonstrated Ecopia EP300 delivers a fuel saving of 4.2% compared to a conventional tyre.

Bridgestone Ecopia compound features state-of-the-art reinforcement particle technology, which reduces heat build‑up and in turn reduces rolling resistance.

Bridgestone Ecopia – protecting you and the environment: As drivers, we all have a responsibility to try to lessen the impact of our vehicles on the environment.

As part of Bridgestone’s commitment to this, we have created a tyre that saves fuel and reduces a vehicle’s impact on the environment – without compromising on Bridgestone’s legendary quality and safety.

Utilising our global research capabilities and cutting edge technology, Bridgestone have created a lower rolling resistance tyre that maintains the high quality and safety standards that Bridgestone are renowned for. Rolling resistance is the force required to roll a tyre.

The more resistance, the more fuel is required to power the vehicle and the more CO2 emissions are emitted. The lower rolling resistance of Ecopia improves your vehicle’s fuel efficiency and reduces the amount of CO2 emitted into the environment.