Finding the right tyres for your vehicle has never been easier than with Yokohama tyres. They offer tyres for a range of vehicles and needs.

No matter what car you have, you will find Yokohama tyres to fit. They provide all drivers with safety and reliability, which is exactly what you want from a tyre. Although they are among the best in the industry, they still offer competitive prices. You can find amazing deals for Yokohama tyres in Albury, as well as other states in Australia.

At BB Tyre Services we offer a range of Yokohama tyres to suit your needs. Having been in the car industry for over 37 years, we understand what it takes to offer high-quality products at a competitive price.

About the Yokohama brand

Yokohama was founded in 1917 in Japan. Since, they have become one of the top 10 tyre companies in the world. They offer reliability, traction, and safety, which has helped them succeed year on year.

The tyres have been around for over a century and were introduced to the Australian market in 1976. They were available in states before then. However, the Yokohama brand did not finalize a business deal until then. Now, they are readily available for all Australians to enjoy.

Yokohama is the only manufacturer in the world to make custom OTR tyres to meet the needs of any driver and their business.

The brand is ideal for individuals as well as commercial businesses. Thus, no matter what your needs are, Yokohama tyres will offer a solution for you.

Our Range of Yokohama Tyres

Yokohama offers tyres for all types of vehicles from cars to trucks. Having been around for over a century, they know exactly what they are doing when it comes to style as well as safety.

From the manufacturer, you will find these ranges:

• Advan – The Advan range are ideal tyres for both dry and wet conditions. They are the best range for giving drivers confidence at faster speeds. There are many available to suit the needs of all vehicles.

Avid – The Avid range consists of an OE Tyre, which is suitable for cars that are brand new before leaving the factory. These are standard tyres yet offer premium quality materials for a desirable driving experience.

• Bluearth – The Bluearth range was released after extensive research. These have been adopted worldwide for their range of accessibility for various vehicle types. They are environmentally friendly and ideal for touring vehicles.

• C.Drive – The C.Drive tyres are created for the everyday motorist looking to improve their fuel efficiency and eco-friendly footprint. These are ideal for family vehicles for the driver and passengers to feel safe on the road.

• Delivery Star – The delivery star range is suitable for drivers who carry a heavy load. These are tough and dependable to offer long mileage, no matter your weight load.

• Geolandar – Yokohama’s Geolandar is ideal for tough terrains and can be fitted on a wide range of vehicles.

Durability of Yokohama Tyres

One of Yokohama’s key purposes is to offer high performance and durability. All tyres are extensively researched and tested before being released to ensure they can withstand all terrains, weather conditions, and offer long mileage.

The brand focuses on reliability to guarantee all customers satisfaction. No matter if you are driving on an everyday basis to and from work or carrying heavy loads, there will be a tyre to match your needs. Depending on the tyre and reason for use, the durability may vary.

You should always fit the correct tyre for the purpose of your vehicle. For instance, a low mileage tyre that is softer will not be suitable for long distance truck delivery drivers. You will need something tougher and more durable to suit heavy loads and long distances.

However, all tyres will ensure to offer all customers durability and satisfaction.

Yokohama Tyres Maintenance

At BB Tyre Services, we can help you maintain your Yokohama tyres. We can also provide and fit them too.

Maintaining your tyres will include brake servicing, wheel alignment, and any tyre repairs that need doing. We will ensure that your Yokohama tyres are in good shape year-round to fulfil the needs of your personal or business driving. Whether you require new wheels or tyre repairs, we can offer all services for your Yokohama tyres.

You can give us a call for a quote or to ask questions about what ranges of Yokohama tyres we can offer. We can assess your vehicle and need to offer the most suitable tyres for you.