Our Experts will recommend best tyres for your Bus or Truck.

If you’re in the transport business, you want to keep your profits up – without compromising on safety or performance. This is why you should fit our truck and bus tyres.

Our investment in tyre research and development has helped us build a range of innovative, hi-tech and cost-effective solutions for the many challenges faced by the road transport industry. We have a tyre for every application – whether you’re hauling freight on the highway, moving livestock off road and on, navigating heavy loads through urban areas, or taking passengers around the suburbs or interstate.

For fleet owners, our most recent innovation may produce a saving of hundreds of thousands in fuel costs.

Bridgestone Ecopia low rolling resistance drive and trailer tyres can deliver fuel savings of up to 6%. Testing shows that tyre rolling resistance accounts for up to 33% of fuel consumption.^ And more than 90% of this resistance comes from the drive and trailer tyres. Ecopia tyres also benefit the environment by helping to reduce CO2 emissions.

If longer wear life is your priority, our R168 trailer tyre is for you – delivering up to 37% longer wear life than the competition, with excellent retreadability and resistance to stone retention and drilling.

^Rolling resistance quotients calculated using Secrets of Better Fuel Economy, published by Cummins in 2006.