About ROH Wheels

ROH Wheels have been designing and manufacturing premium and passenger 4×4 alloy and steel wheels since 1946 for vehicles across Australia for a variety of usages. ROH takes pride in the impressive durability of both their 4×4 and passenger tyres, having been tested to withstand even the roughest of off-roading conditions.

Our Range of ROH Wheels Tyres

ROH Wheels manufactures tyres for a variety of 4×4 and passenger vehicles:

Off Road Wheels

ROH Wheels’ specialty tyres are built to last. With its superior salt spray performance and anti-weathering durability, these off road tyres are made for recreational and commercial purposes where the tyres are prone to intense wear and tear.


Street Wheels

With the usage of their flow forging process, ROH Wheels offers street wheels that have impressive tensile strengths that could only be matched by using more expensive press forging machinery and press techniques.

How to Maintain Your ROH Wheel Tyres

Like any product, the performance and security of a tire depend on its current condition. The best way to ensure both is to regularly check and maintain your tires. There are several elements you must check for such as tread depth and general condition, tire pressure, wheel alignment and balance, and tracking. Additionally, you need to check whether there are any serious slashes, holes, or other damages. You must also rotate your tires regularly. It is mandatory to inspect them once a month and check them thoroughly before a long journey.

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