Nexen Tyres offers a variety of cost-effective and durable tyres designed to withstand harsh driving conditions, also offering a comfortable driving experience.

About Nexen Tyres

Nexen Tyres was originally established in 1942 as Heung-A Tire Company in South Korea. Having served the tyre industry for over 80 years, we rank amongst the leading tyre manufacturers across the globe. Renowned for vigorous testing, you are ensured every tyre at Nexen is produced to the highest standards.

Featuring a wide centre tread block that improves high-speed handling and impact absorption, Nexen tyres are known for producing less noise and vibrations. Affordable, safe, comfortable, fuel-efficient, and durable, Nexen tyres are a perfect value-for-money product.

Our Range of Nexen Tyres

Nexen offers premium-quality tyres for vehicles of all types and makes from cars to SUVs and light trucks to suit your specific needs.

Passenger Car Radial Tyres

These tyres come with fuel-saving and noise-free features. Offering excellent wet and dry traction, their low rolling resistance facilitates a smoother ride with increased mileage. N’Blue Eco is an eco-friendly tyre with increased fuel efficiency and is known for lower CO2 emissions. N’Fera SU1 ensures even pressure distribution and maximum cornering performance. N’Priz AH8 offers enhanced straight driving performance with their reinforced and stiff centre tread.

Ultra-High-Performance Tyres

These high-performance tyres are known for increased fuel efficiency and enhanced driving performance. Noise-free and designed for optimum comfort, these tyres provide excellent wet and dry traction. Offering a smoother ride and increased mileage, they are ideal for delivering a comfortable driving experience on all types of roads. N’Blue HD Plus is an eco-friendly tyre known for lower CO2 emissions. N’Fera SU4 provides exceptional water drainage and grip. N’Fera RU1 and N’Fera RU5 are known for their straight driving performance through a reinforced and stiff centre tread. Renowned for their even heat distribution that prevents wear and tear, N5000 Plus tyres are built to last for years to come. Designed to provide stability, they offer a peaceful and hassle-free ride.

SUV and Recreational Tyres

Apart from fuel-saving and silent driving features, Nexen tyres provide excellent comfort and driving stability. Built to withstand tough roads and driving conditions, these state-of-the-art highway terrain tyres are known for excellent handling and stable cornering. HTX RH5 offers an exceptional draining feature in wet weather conditions. N’Priz AH7, N’Priz RH7 and N’Priz SH91 are designed for safety and precision. N’Priz RH7 comes with an advanced centre rib block design. N’Priz SH91 offers excellent drainage and handling performance in a wide range of conditions. RO-HP is a high-performance SUV tyre known for exceptional draining in wet weather conditions.

4×4 Tyres

These are state-of-the-art all-terrain tyres built to last in tough driving conditions. A/T NEO tyres offer exceptional driving stability, high rigidity, and durability. A/T PRO RA8 comes with self-cleaning features and offers excellent traction and a comfortable ride in a wide range of conditions. RO-M/T is a mud terrain tyre that is specifically designed with deep grooves, a rigid thread, and durable shoulder blocks to offer a smooth and comfortable ride on demanding muddy terrains.

Light Truck Tyres

An all-season, multi-purpose light truck tyre engineered to offer exceptional handling and prolonged tread life, Roadian CT8 provides high mileage and is built tough to withstand rough terrains and driving conditions.

How to Maintain Your NexenTyres

Regular maintenance enhances the lifespan of your Nexen tyres. If your tyre shows uneven wear, you need to get it checked and correct any misalignment, imbalance, or other mechanical problems. You should also get your tyres rotated at regular intervals based on usage, and signs of wear and tear.

Air pressure also needs to be monitored regularly as over-inflated tyres are more prone to ruptures even under mild impact and tend to skid more. Under-inflated tyres wear faster as they heat up more due to wider contact with the ground surface.

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