Nankang manufactures world-class tyres based on Japanese manufacturing technology. Established in 1940, Nankang has come a long way in tyre manufacturing and provides tyres that are known for their safety and reliability. In Australia, Nankang is a preferred brand since these tyres endure the harsh driving conditions here, whether on highways, around town, or off-road. Nankang tyres come through as high-quality and superior-performance tyres suited for all kinds of vehicles, whether you are driving to work, back home, or just for the pleasure of it.

About the Nankang brand

Having entered the Australian tyre market in the 1970s, Nankang has grown to become one of the most desirable tyres that give performance and stability on or off roads. Nankang tyres have been tested for performance and durability and have come through as among the best tyres in Australia. With non-directional designs and exceptional grip, these tyres provide improved stability and lower the chances of wear. While they rank high in performance and safety, they also score well in comfort and durability. With a range of tyres for all types of vehicles, Nankang tyres can sail through all kinds of roads (and off-roads too).

Our Range of Nankang Tyres

These tyres come in several models and designs that may be asymmetric, performance-directional, multifunctional, or sophisticated. From comfort to performance, Nankang’s high-performance tyres serve the purpose they are intended for.

Sports Tyres

Among the several models, the Comp Semi Slick and the Semi Slick are the most popular sports tyres from Nankang. From sticky compounds to racing and street compounds, these tyres can race through all surfaces.

Passenger Tyres

Some of the passenger tyre models include Radial, Comfort, Eco, Toursport, Crossroader, Tourer, and Remex. All of these are purported to make your ride smooth, quiet, and comfortable.

4WD/SUV Tyres

Built to drive through rugged terrain, these tyres provide driving stability, comfort, and manoeuvrability, among several other things.

Commercial Vehicle Tyres

The commercial vehicle tyres from Nankang have a rigid construction that makes them more durable. They can drive all day and all night and yet stay tough for the next ride.

Motorcycle Tyres

The Roadiac WF-1 is a motorcycle tyre from Nankang. It is built to give you a smooth ride on your motorcycle and is also quite durable.

How to Maintain Your Nankang Tyres

Maintaining the health of tyres is almost the same for every brand, make, and model of tyres. As a general rule to maintaining your vehicles and their tyres, you should drive responsibly and safely. Follow the good habits of driving and keep the vehicle, its tyre, and yourself safe at all times. Now, to speak specifically about tyres, you need to regularly inspect the tyre pressure, tread depth, and rotation. Check for damages or wear and tear in addition to getting the wheels aligned from time to time. Follow these steps, and your tyres will stay healthy for longer.

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