Offering a range of products and big tyre brands being stocked, including Maxxis tyres, Border Bandag Tyre is here to assist with their high-quality work and advice to ensure you get the perfect tyre.

Why Choose Maxxis Tyres?

Maxxis has committed to provide and deliver a range of high-quality tyres internationally at an affordable price. They are committed to ensuring that high-performance tyres are available for all of your transport needs and that their product is made of outstanding quality.

Their tyres are thoroughly tested within the worlds leading tyre test centre and with the use of advanced manufacturing equipment and facilities, they undergo stringent and assessments and evaluations before starting the production of any tyre.

Range of Maxxis Tyres

When you are looking for light day-to-day use or something more heavy duty, the tyres within the Maxxis range are built with you in mind. They provide confidence for the driver in the reliability and quality of the tyres they are driving on. With an extensive range available a tyre is available for every requirement. Here is a snapshot of some of the attributes and tyres available.

Maxxis HP5

This is a modern sport tyre to meet the highest standards in safety, handling and grip. With its silica tread compound technologies, this tyre offers high levels of grip and safety in a wide range of road and weather conditions.

Maxxis RAZR AT811

With its blade shape tread block design, this Maxxis tyre ensures that excellent off road traction is met in wet conditions. This tyre was designed with off roading in mind to give optimal traction, protection from cuts and punctures, all whilst ensuring it handles efficiently and takes corners well on and off road whatever the condition.

Bravo AT771

Designed with on road driving in mind, the Maxxis Bravo AT771 is designed to perform with low noise being generated and offer a good ride, whilst still being able to provide peace of mind and confidence in its off road handling and traction when required.

The Durability of Maxxis Tyres

Maxxis are that confident that you will be pleased with your Maxxis tyres that they guarantee all of their tyres and have made the promise to replace any tyre that has or demonstrates a defect when being used due to their manufacturing process or the materials used. They also promise to replace any tyre that shows irreparable damage from normal road use.

How To Maintain Your Maxxis Tyres

To ensure that your Maxxis tyres continue to perform their best it is vital to have them checked on a regular basis to ensure you remain safe when on the road. Ideally, it is encouraged that they are checked monthly and always before undertaking a long journey. The keys are to check are the tread depth, pressure, any cuts or danage, and tracking and alignment. These regular checks not only ensure that you are meeting the legal requirements but that the tyres are working to their optimum level and your safety is never compromised.