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We stock a wide range of brands, such as Yokohama and Kumho. Today, you can find out all about Kumho as a brand, the tyres they offer, and the reliability of their products. Instead of relying on sourcing the tyres from the manufacturer themselves, you can rely on us at BB Tyre Services to provide them for you as we are proud stockists.

About the Kumho brand

Kumho is a Korean tyre manufacturer. They are a subsidiary of the Chinese company Doublestar. Kumho was founded in 1960 and ever since, their headquarters have been in Gwangju, South Korea.

You do not have to source the tyres directly from Kumho, as we stock a range of their tyres for all of your vehicle needs. We have proudly stocked Kumho tyres for over 35 years to make it easy for Australian customers to attain high-quality tyres.

Kumho produces over 68 million tyres every year and is ranked in the top ten tyre companies worldwide. Australia is just one of the 180 countries where Kumho tyres are present.

Different Kumho ranges

Kumho stocks various tyres for different vehicles. Whether you are into motorsports or truck delivery driving, they have something available for everyone.


Their range includes:


  • Crugen – Crugen tyres from Kumho are designed for the modern SUV. They are long-lasting with a high wear and tear rate. They are great in both wet and dry conditions.
  • Ecowing – The Ecowing tyre joins the Ecsta range as the newest eco tyre from Kumho. They have been developed to reduce fuel consumption and make your car more eco-friendly.
  • Ecsta – The Ecsta tyre can offer you high mileage and durability. They are premium touring tyres that are available in six different variants from 14 to 18 inches.
  • Portran – The Potran from Kumho is a winter van tyre, which is ideal to keep you safe when out in wet and slippery conditions. They are ideal for delivery drivers that like to work in all conditions.
  • Radial – Radial tyres from Kumho are designed for balance. They offer high mileage as well as great traction.
  • Road Venture – The Road Venture tyres are designed with off-road adventures in mind. They are ideal for SUV’s and 4×4’s that require tough and durable tyres.
  • Solus – The Solus tyre is ideal for the everyday car. They provide even wear and durability, for long-lasting driving. They are best suited to passenger cars.
  • Supermile – The Supermile tyres are designed for all season performance. Like Solus tyres, they are ideal for passenger cars that are looking for long-lasting tyres.


Although all tyres are designed with different vehicles or driving abilities in mind, all provide long-lasting results, great wear and tear, and high mileage. They are an ideal tyre if you are looking to make the most of your money.

Durability of Kumho tyres

Kumho guarantees durability of their tyres with their 40,000 to 80,000 mile range warranty. The Korean manufacturer ensures that their tyres can withstand all weather conditions, no matter if it is extremely dry or slippery and wet.


Depending on the tyres you choose, some are suitable for off-roading and tougher terrains. You should ensure to choose tough tyres if you wish to drive on unstable surfaces, such as through mud or across stones.


The various options enable any customer to enjoy their tyres. No matter if you want to purchase tyres for passenger cars or delivery trucks that go off-road, there will be something to fulfill your needs.


Alongside durability, Kumho tyres also offer customers impressive fuel-efficiency. The brand is all for eco-friendly measures. Thus, all new edition tyres offer drivers a reduced fuel consumption.

Maintenance of Kumho tyres

All tyres are vulnerable to punctures and wear and tear. Kumho tyres offer high durability and resistance. However, they cannot guarantee to avoid punctures. Sometimes nails and sharp objects on the road are unavoidable. However, if you do see them then it is best to stop or go around them if you can. This will avoid punctures and the need to get them repaired.


However, if you do require new tyres or a repair, we can assist you in Albury. At BB Tyre Services we can assist any of your tyre needs.