Border Bandag Tyre provides a wide range of Toyo Tyres in Albury. Toyo Tyres are suitable for a variety of vehicles and can ensure improved driving experience and safety.

About Hankook Tyres

Hankook Tyres offer premium tyres powered by the latest mobility technology to enhance the driving experience of the customers. The exceptionally well-crafted and durable tyres are compatible with all types of roads and seasons. The tyres boast of the implementation of top-tier technologies to cater to the ever-increasing driving requirements and give you a competitive edge.

The affordable tyres have extensive tread life, superior wet and dry performance, impressive road noise reduction, enhanced stability and traction performance, and more. The Hankook Tyres’ engineers make each product a work of perfection and work tirelessly to ensure 100% client satisfaction.

Our Range of Hankook Tyres

If you take a look at the catalogue of Hankook tyres, you will find a wide array of technologically-advanced solutions. These tyres help you ply on wet, rough, and normal terrains with ease with improved mileage, better gripping and braking, and less noise. You will get access to tyres as per season, vehicle type (SUV/4WDs, truck, passenger car, van, truck, bus, electric vehicle, competition tyres, etc.), and brands.

iON evo AS

This high-performing tyre is a product of Hankook Tyre’s EVolution Technology. It is designed for electric passenger vehicles and long mileage and ultimate comfort. You get 20% enhanced driving stability, a 6.3% boost in battery range, a 29% reduction in noise, and a 25% increase in tread life.


This is an all-season passenger car tyre equipped with a wide lateral groove and step-wing shoulder for outstanding braking and wet handling. The tyre also has wide circumferential 4-channel grooves, improved sidewall stiffness, and optimised block stiffness.

Dynapro XT

This all-season, high-mileage, SUV/Van tyre is specially designed for rugged terrain. The polygonal blocks, zig-zag, and lateral grooves ensure increased off-road traction. Equipped with tread pitch variation technology, shoulder block cushions, and chamfered edges, the tyre offers noise reduction.

Smart Flex DH35

The DH35 tyre is an all-season and Stiffness Control Contour Theory Technology-equipped drive axle tyre applicable for regional haul in different road conditions. The multi 3-dimensional sipes and rib-type tread pattern contributes to exceptional truck driving performance and reduction in low rolling resistance.

How to Maintain Your Hankook Tyres

Regular maintenance of Hankook Tyres leads to top-quality performance, added life, and increased safety. It is imperative that you maintain the recommended air pressure and evaluate tread wear before embarking on long journeys. You must carry out periodic tyre rotation to hinder irregular wear and check for tyre balance to ensure smooth driving performance. If you come across severely worn-out tyres, do not hesitate to replace them on time.

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