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About the Falken brand

Falken is a distinguished brand specialising in providing reasonably-priced and high-performance radial tyres. These perfectly engineered tyres ensure you drive safely in all weather conditions and terrains. You can rely on Falken tyres for high mileage and long tread life. The engineers at Falken are constantly upgrading the design techniques and technologies to make the tyres stand out in the market.

Most drivers who use Falken tyres report improved handling and stability on the road. The tyres are designed to have even tread wear and minimum road noise. Falken tyres are suitable for a wide range of vehicles and commercial purposes.

Our Range of Falken Tyres

Falken Tyres are specially designed for Australian conditions. The tyres are renowned for high performance, efficient wet control, longevity, and effective handling. You can purchase tyres for high-powered cars and daily commutes (performance tyres), SUVs and 4WD, light trucks, vans, and buses.

Azenis FK510

This next-generation tyre is best suited for drivers of premium vehicles and luxury sports cars. The ultra-high performance tyre boasts of 4D Nano Design which enhances gripping and wet weather traction. The hybrid under-tread materials boost stability and handling. You can avail of these tyres in various sizes ranging from 17 to 20 inches.


This Falken tyre is ideal for all roadway surfaces and provides outstanding dry handling and flexible wet braking. The high-tension casing ply, non-directional tread pattern, and stiff wide steel belts enable optimised traction and control. You also get to enjoy minimum noise and improved tread life.


This tyre is aimed at modern CUVs and SUVs and ensures safe driving in all weather conditions. The advanced tread compound technology enables shorter stopping distances and higher tread life. This durable tyre is an excellent option for plying on different terrains and guarantees optimal handling and stability.


This new-generation durable tyre is ideal for vans and light trucks, ensuring excellent performance, great mileage, and enhanced safety. The tyre is equipped with 4D Nano Technology, variable-pitch shoulder design, and symmetric non-directional four-rib tread design.


This is a general-purpose light truck and van tyre. The wide rib tread profile assures better steering and directional stability, and the advanced tread compound maximises durability, handling, and wear resistance. You can use this reliable tyre in wet weather.

Falken RI150

This Falken tyre is engineered for maximising highway and city driving road time. The stone drilling feature minimises casing damage, and the Smart Shape Case technology boosts tread life and enhanced weight distribution. The 3D wavy tread groove prevents crackling and enables you to handle the vehicle efficiently.

Falken BI830 ECORUN

This long-mileage tyre is ideal for even wear and superb on-highway handling. The closed-shoulder tread ensures stability in linehaul situations, and the centre block design is aimed at optimising traction and rigidity. This tyre is designed to reduce environmental impact and improve fuel economy.

How to Maintain Your Falken Tyres

If you wish to capitalise on the multi-features of Falken tyres, you need to maintain them properly. You should check for air pressures once a month to ensure long life and maximum performance. It is recommended that you rotate the tyres every 5,000 miles to ensure even wearing and keeping road hazards like nails, wood splinters, etc., at bay. You can opt for plus sizing your tyres and abiding by O.E. specifications. It is advisable to not park the vehicles under direct sunlight which causes the tyre compounds to deteriorate over time. Falken suggests replacing the tyres if you notice that the tread wear is down to wear bars (2/32”).

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