Bridgestone Tyres from Border Bandag Tyre Service

BB Tyre Services is a leading tyre retailer in the Albury-Wodonga area. Established in 1984 with an aim to cater to the increasing demands of the transport industry, we supply all leading brands of tyres for all kinds of vehicles. We are also one of the top dealers of Bridgestone Tyres in Albury.

Our Range of Bridgestone Tyres


These are tyres that are best known for their performance as they are engineered for it. A premium variety, these tyres are best for cars and SUVs and can give you the ultimate driving experience. Stable even at high speeds, the Potenza provides better grip and offers a motorsport-like performance, even on wet roads.


Dueler is an all-terrain tyre with features like cut chip resistance, reinforced sidewalls for greater strength, better puncture resistance, more stability, and superior traction and control. If you love to drive into the woods or on unfriendly terrain, make sure your 4WDs and SUVs are fitted with our Dueler tyres which will take you all the way and back home safely.


These tyres are best suited for comfort lovers – for those who like to drive smoothly, in their luxury rides. Credited for their superior performance and fuel efficiency along with dynamic handling, Alenza is designed to provide exceptional steering performance and protracted tyre life.


For the utmost comfort and safety, we have developed the Turanza. These tyres have superior grip for reliable breaking, even in wet conditions. The reinforced sidewalls provide superior strength while the unique design offers greater control and handling in both wet and dry areas.


The most eco-friendly and fuel-efficient tyres of all come from Ecopia. They have low rolling resistance and also minimise carbon-di-oxide emissions. While there are several models under the Ecopia, they are all long-lasting and offer safe wet handling

Commercial Tyres

Our tyre range also includes commercial truck tyres that can endure the highway and be your perfect partner for cross-country freighting and cargo services. Our commercial tyres are of the best quality and also quite cost-effective.

Durability of Bridgestone Tyres

Bridgestone tyres are among the most trusted brands of tyres in the world. Our premium tyres are durable and augmented with enhanced technologies for smooth rides. We can provide ample guidance on how to maintain your tyre health and get maximum value for your money. Our tyres also offer the most smooth drives along with maximum safety.

How to Maintain Your Bridgestone Tyres

Check Your Tyres Weekly

This will help spot any problem with your tyres early and get them fixed before any major damage happens.

Rotate Your Tyres

This process ensures even wearing of the tyres. Tyres of every type of vehicle wear differently and thus rotating them periodically is imperative.

Ensure Tyres are Inflated Correctly

Tyre inflation is crucial. Over or under-inflation can cause serious damage to the tyres. Stick to the manufacturer’s ideal tyre pressure levels.

Check the Age of Your Tyres

Check the wear on the tyres and keep track of the age which is a very important factor in tyre replacement. The safety of the vehicle and the people riding on them depends on the tyres.

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