BF Goodrich tyres have been leading the way in innovation since they first opened. Over the years, their range has expanded and they now offer tyres for off-road and on-road vehicles of all kinds. Here at Border Bandag Tyre service, we stock a number of BF Goodrich tyres for the local 4WD community in Albury Wodonga.

We are a family business dedicated to offering a personal service to all of our customers in the local community. Our experienced team can help you choose the right BF Goodrich tyres for your vehicle.

About BF Goodrich Tyres

BF Goodrich started out in Ohio in 1807 as the first rubber company in the area. They are still going strong and they are now one of the best-known tyre manufacturers in the world, with a reputation for quality. They have always been at the forefront of the tyre manufacturing world, pushing the boundaries and creating innovative products. For example, they were the first company to develop tubeless tyres in 1947 and they are now the standard for car tyres. They were also the first company to start manufacturing radial tyres in 1965 and since then, they have become the best option for improved handling on 4WD vehicles.

BF Goodrich also have a long history of involvement in auto racing and this experience is channelled into their tyre designs. Today, they manufacture high-performance tyres for 4WD’s, SUV’s, competition vehicles, and everyday cars.

Range of BF Goodrich Tyres

Their Advantage T/A tyres are a favourite option for all-around performance. The strong structure and enhanced tread design can handle any weather conditions while still maintaining excellent grip. The Radial T/A model is perfect for off-road driving, with a strong focus on improved handling and performance in wet conditions. However, for more difficult terrain, the Mud Terrain T/A may be better. The advanced Krawl-TEK compound is designed to provide excellent traction in thick mud and allow you to climb over the most difficult of surfaces.

BF Goodrich Tyres Durability

The durability of BF Goodrich tyres is one of the major selling points. They are made using thick rubber sidewalls with twin steel belts, reinforced with nylon for added stability. A BF Goodrich tyre will last an average of 5,000 to 6,500 kilometres before they start to get worn down. However, if you use them until they absolutely need to be replaced, they will last much longer.

Maintaining BF Goodrich Tyres

Maintaining your BF Goodrich tyres properly is crucial if you want to increase their longevity. Keeping them inflated properly and checking the treads regularly is important. However, professional servicing is the best way to look after your tyres properly. At Border Bandag, we offer a comprehensive range of tyre maintenance solutions including nitrogen gas inflation, which prevents leakage, wheel alignments, tyre rotation, and tyre balancing. Regular maintenance will improve the performance of your BF Goodrich tyres and make them last longer. Ultimately, this means that you are safer while driving and you save money.